Deck Specifications


Min: $0 Max: $150

Penny Skateboards Bright Light 22"

The Bright Light is inspired by contrasting streets in Tokyo. Its marmalade orange trucks, ultra cyan wheels and a classic black deck will have you hitting the streets with intensity.


THUNDER Polished Lights II Truck (147)

OG Silver Thunders. Size 147.


Identity Batman Logo 7.75

Build your identity.


Penny Skateboards Rose Gold 22"

Make a statement with the Rose Gold 22" Penny. Featuring electroplated rose gold deck and trucks with contrasting light blue wheels, this is sure to be a fan favorite.


Penny Skateboards Casper 22"

They've taken the old Penny glow in the dark hover board and given it an evil night time look with all black hardware. One of Penny Skateboard's most popular completes, charged by UV light during the day and glowing a green light by night.


Girl Roberts Original Chunk 7.75 Blue

Chocolate Skateboards Chris Roberts Original Chunk Skateboard Deck is ideal for every skill level from beginner to pro.


Anti Hero Skateboards Highlander Hero

With it's affordable price, you don't gotta be rich to ride like a hero.


Girl Wilson Hello Kitty 7.875

Introducing the cutest skate collab!


Penny Skateboards Cobalt 22"

One of the best selling color combinations, the Cobalt 22" is a new twist on blue and red. With a cobalt deck and trucks with red wheels, this 22" complete is a crowd favorite. Constructed with a secret plastic formula and backed by a Penny limited lifeti


LANDYACHTZ Dugout Surfing Skeleton 8.5 Complete

A new cruiser shape that features a compact, tapered deck with classic concave and a functional kicktail. A longer wheel base adds stability and creates a surfy ride.


Girl Brophy Hello Kitty 8.0

Introducing the cutest skate collab!


Almost Geronzi Pets R7 8.125

Everyone needs a pet in their lives.


Santa Cruz Skateboards Afterglow Dot VX 8.25

Each VX deck is constructed with 5-plys of hard rock North American Maple and reinforced by two layers of Santa Cruz Quad X Technology material on either side.


Welcome Skateboards Peregrine on Wicked Princess Coral 8.125

Scaled down 8.125" wide version of Nora's Wicked Queen pro shape.


Primitive DragonBall Z Goku Power Level 8.125

Power Levels Rising... Far Over 9,000! Paul Rodriguez With a SSJ3 Goku Deck Size 8.125.


Anti Hero Skateboards Classic Eagle 8.62

What could be more patriotic.


Girl Mike Carroll Bruised Heel 8.0

Bruised, used, and abused.

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