Skateboard Deck

Deck Specifications


Skateboard Deck
Min: $0 Max: $200

THUNDER Polished Lights II Truck (147)

OG Silver Thunders. Size 147.


THUNDER Polished Lights Trucks (148)

Silver Thunder 148 Lights. Grenade Graphic.


QUASI Phade 8.125/8.5 Deck

Phade in, Phade out.


Girl McCrank Skull of Fame 7.75 Complete

Factory fresh from Girl, this complete comes ready to roll right out of the box!


THUNDER Polished Lights Truck (149)

Simple Silver 149 Thunder Hollows With the Grenade Graphic.


DGK Tasty Boo 8.25

Get A Taste of Paradise With This 8.25 Boo Johnson Pro Model.


Anti Hero Skateboards Highlander Hero

With it's affordable price, you don't gotta be rich to ride like a hero.


Powell Peralta Bones Reds Bearings

Near Bones Swiss performance at a fraction of the cost.


Trevor McClung Moonrise 8.0

Trevor McClung Pro-Model.


LANDYACHTZ Dugout Surfing Skeleton 8.5 Complete

A new cruiser shape that features a compact, tapered deck with classic concave and a functional kicktail. A longer wheel base adds stability and creates a surfy ride.


Girl OG Splits 53mm

Get the wheels, and split.


Toy Machine Monster Blue 8.5

New deck. Classic Design.


Welcome Skateboards Maligno on Effigy White 8.8

Custom shape designed and ridden by Daniel Vargas.





BRONSON G2 Next Generation Bearings

The Bronson Speed Co. G2 skateboard bearings deliver top shelf performance with affordability in mind.


OJ Wheels From Concentrate 52mm

Wheels from concentrate.


DGK Breaking Bread 8.06

Breaking bread, hearts, and heads.


Independent Trucks 139/144 Lopez Black Hollow

Louie Lopez's stage 11 truck from Independent is on the leading edge of technology combined with the passion at NHS. Featuring a hollow axle design to lower weight, a 356 Aluminum hanger, and a chromoly kingpin, these trucks are built to shred.

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