Pro hollow trucks are a lighter version of the Stage XI and feature a 356 aluminum hanger and baseplate as well as a chromoly axle and hanger. Each set of trucks comes with a Wes hanger pad print (custom art by Sam Hitz), matte black baseplates, and red c

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Independent Trucks

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Independent Trucks 139/144 Lopez Black Hollow

139/144 Lopez Black Hollow

Louie Lopez's stage 11 truck from Independent is on the leading edge of technology combined with the passion at NHS. Featuring a hollow axle design to lower weight, a 356 Aluminum hanger, and a chromoly kingpin, these trucks are built to shred.

Independent Trucks 159 Polished Stage 11

159 Polished Stage 11

Built for wide loads and newly redesigned, the 159 Stage 11 Silver trucks are here with a whole new look and feel.

Independent Trucks 144 Polished Stage 11

144 Polished Stage 11

Designed to provide the best hybrid of performance and geometry. Independent re-engineered the Stage 10 to create a whole new truck, effectively setting a new standard to which all other trucks will be judged.

Independent Trucks 144 Raw Stage 11

144 Raw Stage 11

The Independent 144 Raw Stage 11 is a durable, high performance truck for all types of skateboarding.

Independent Trucks 139 Polished Stage 11

139 Polished Stage 11

The Independent 139 Stage 11 Silver skateboard trucks improve upon the performance and iconic look of the Stage 10 design with newly reworked geometry.

Independent Trucks 129 Raw Stage 11

129 Raw Stage 11

Get the same high quality feel and responsiveness you have come to expect from Independent Trucks, but with some new added features.

Independent Trucks 129 Polished Stage 11

129 Polished Stage 11

These 129 Stage 11 Silver trucks have been improved for precise turns, better stability on landings, less high-speed wobble and decreased wheel bite.