Bumbag Willis Kimbel Deluxe Hip Pack - Red

Deluxe BumBag in a Nice Red Flannel Color.
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Willis is an outdoors man to say the least. Too many of his hobbies require nature, but that's Willis. So naturally Willis would have an outdoorsy bag. The Willis Kimbel X Bumbag Co deluxe hip pack, is lined with brown bear fur (okay it's fake) and plenty of pocket features for phones and building tools.
  • Plaid
  • Brown Fur Liner
  • Die Cast Alloy Sack
  • Front & Back Pocket
  • Adjustable Waist Strap
  • In & Out Multi-Cord Access Port
  • Inside Mesh Pocket
  • 8"(W) x 6"(H) x 3"(D)


Product color: Plaid Red

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