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Dressen Mid Length Grey Socks

Love for lessons taught
And the battles fought,
RESPECT is only earned,
And never bought.


Sublime Sun Socks

These graphic band socks are perfect for high-performance action sports, plugging away at work, rocking out, and everyday adventures.


Christian Hosoi Sacred Socks

MERGE4 collaborates with legendary skateboarder Christian Hosoi to bring you skate-inspired socks that are beyond magnificent in appearance, style and comfort.


Dirk Vermin Double Trouble Socks

Double trouble tattoo art socks from legendary artist, Dirk Vermin!


Sherwood Snowboard Socks

This Acrylic based Medium-Weight sock is the perfect middle ground on cold days. Its Footbed Cushion Mapping leaves your feet happy after a day’s ride. And the Stay Up Cuff leaves it in place even after one too many park laps.


Spiderman Socks

Everyone's favorite arachnid, our Amazing Spiderman socks are guaranteed to get your spidey sense tingling.


Sect Eye Stripe Socks - Pink Heather

Your favorite socks from your favorite brand - New Toy Machine socks in pink heather with some stripes.